Marquis Terrell Jackson is a self taught artist from Saint Louis, MO. He began developing a passion for art at the age of four while drawing with his mother and grandfather. It was apparent at an early age that he had a gift for drawing --so his parents and other relatives gave him all the supplies he needed to support and encourage his talent. While Marquis did take some classes at Craft Alliance Center of Art and Design, he contributes his growth as a young artist to being a  competitor. He and his classmates would often have drawing contest which often pushed him to become a better artist. He would go home and spend hours honing his skills to be the best artist he could be. 

Fast forward to Marquis's adulthood and he still has the passion that he possessed as kid. The difference is, he has sat aside his drawing pencils and replaced them with paint brushes. He has commissioned hundreds of paintings and created pieces that marvels anyone that sees his work. 


Marquis is turning a new chapter in his career as an artist. He has lofty goals to turn Marquis Terrell into an international brand and he is excited to see where this new chapter takes him. At this point, thousands of people have seen Marquis Terrell's work as he exhibits his work throughout St. Louis. Most notably at Koken Art Factory and Jack Daniels Art Beats and Lyrics St. Louis. 


Marquis Terrell